Music Submission Guidelines

Before you submit your music to LHDT/Dancehall Divas, please be guided by the below. 

Thank you for your music submission. Please note important disclaimer, rights and distribution information below;


By sending your tracks to Dancehall Divas, (LHDT Toronto) you agree that you have full rights and clearance from all songwriters/rightsholders involved as well as the master owner to the music you are submitting. You voluntarily agree to the audio, promotional, film and creative use of the track for the purpose of the Dancehall Divas Reality Show. Your track (s) may  be featured in promotional clips, snippets, advertising, release, Television, Streaming and other audio visual and visual medium in association with the show (clips, videos, episodes, promotions). You agree to give us full permission to use tracks as detailed above. You agree to release Dancehall Divas (LHDT Toronto), its affiliates, stakeholders, cast-members of any or all liability or further obligatory arrangements regarding (or) for compensation, sync licensing or royalties of your music relating to Dancehall Divas. 


By submitting your tracks, you fully agree to indemnify LHDT and Dancehall Divas against any legal actions or monetary claims. You agree that your submission is for the sole purpose of promotional use in the reality show. You understand that there are no monetary value attached to this promotion and your benefit is purely for promotional and visibility purposes.  You also agree that you have the rights to give us permission to use your music for the purposes above.

By submitting your music, you agree fully to the terms outlined above.

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